Ski Events


Sunday Ski School

Sunday Ski School occurs every January.  For 2020 the dates will be January    We conclude the Ski School with the Barneloppet on the final Sunday.  In 2020 that will be on        Find complete information on Ski School under the Ski School page.  

Minnesota Finlandia

We assist the Minnesota Finlandia organization in hosting the MinnFin.  The Finlandia, and its shorten Bemidjithon, have decades long traditions.  They are among the best races in the region.  

Candlelight Ski at Lake Bemidji State Park

Take a casual family ski around the State Park in the warm glow of a candles.  In partnership with the Park staff we help host this annual event.  In 2020 the date is scheduled for early February.  Find out more about Lake Bemidji State Park right here.  

Ski-Per Bowl

Family oriented pot luck with casual skiing for those who prefer a bit of outside time before or during the Superbowl.  The game in 2020 is February 2.   If the Vikings are playing, we'll reschedule:)

Tour de Bemidji Ski

Bemidji trails marathon.  Ski as many Bemidji area trails as you like over the weekend.  Find a companion or two and car pool around.  Dates and times to be determined.   Go to our trails page to see the options.  

Black Lake Loppet

An end of the season local tradition on private trails emphasizing donuts, pickles and family fun.  Date to be determined.   

More Events



Annual local race going back 40 years.  Low key, but the top finishers will have times as good as anyone.  

Annual Club Meeting

On the first Sunday in May the club has our annual meeting.  It provides an opportunity for reflection on the ski season and a time to share some potluck and make plans for the next season.